caracas moderna : architecture : Carlos Raul Villanueva : Central University of Venezuela

openhouse-magazine-caracas-moderna-architecture-carlos-raul-villanueva-central-university-of-venezuela 1 this first beautiful photo caught my eye on facebook yesterday, of a wonderful covered passage way, so my search started here to find out what i could about Carlos Raul Villanueva. Born in London in 1900 to Spanish parents that had been living in Venezuela, Villanueva didn’t set foot in his homeland until he was 28. He played a major role in the development and modernization of Caracas and one of his major works was the beautiful Central University of Venezuela. Modern photos via Caracas Moderna

openhouse-magazine-caracas-moderna-architecture-carlos-raul-villanueva-central-university-of-venezuela 2 openhouse-magazine-caracas-moderna-architecture-carlos-raul-villanueva-central-university-of-venezuela 3 openhouse-magazine-caracas-moderna-architecture-carlos-raul-villanueva-central-university-of-venezuela 4 openhouse-magazine-caracas-moderna-architecture-carlos-raul-villanueva-central-university-of-venezuela 5 openhouse-magazine-caracas-moderna-architecture-carlos-raul-villanueva-central-university-of-venezuela 6 openhouse-magazine-caracas-moderna-architecture-carlos-raul-villanueva-central-university-of-venezuela 7 openhouse-magazine-caracas-moderna-architecture-carlos-raul-villanueva-central-university-of-venezuela 8


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