an openhouse to the sea : architecture : window house by yasutaka yoshimura architects : kanagawa, japan

an-openhouse-magazine-architecture--to-the-sea-window-house-by-yasutaka-yoshimura-architects-kanagawa-japan 1 window house by yasutaka yoshimura architects : kanagawa, japan

this amazing house, small and compact sits on the edge of the sea with windows so large, that you feel one with the forces of nature. from one side the owners of this weekend home has vies to the sea, and from the other, views of mount fuji. with basically one room, split between levels, this house is an ingenious use of space, and shows what a beautiful design can come from limited ground.

an-openhouse-magazine-architecture--to-the-sea-window-house-by-yasutaka-yoshimura-architects-kanagawa-japan 2 an-openhouse-magazine-architecture--to-the-sea-window-house-by-yasutaka-yoshimura-architects-kanagawa-japan 3 an-openhouse-magazine-architecture--to-the-sea-window-house-by-yasutaka-yoshimura-architects-kanagawa-japan 4 an-openhouse-magazine-architecture--to-the-sea-window-house-by-yasutaka-yoshimura-architects-kanagawa-japan 5


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