a glass box in hampstead : architecture : Hopkins House by Michael Hopkins : London

openhouse-magazine-a-glass-box-in-hampstead-architecture-hopkins-house-by-michael-hopkins-london 1for many years while i live in london i would pass this box of glass on a quiet residential street in hampstead every time i would go to the park. usually it’s blind were closed, giving nothing away of what was inside or beyond. andrew trotter

hopkins house by michael hopkins via somewhere i would like to live

Michael and Patty Hopkins’ own house is probably what you might expect from one of the pioneers of the “high-tech” style (Michael was once a partner at Foster Associates). It clearly draws inspiration from the Californian case study houses; the Eames house in particular (and probably Foster’s work for IBM at Cosham – 1971) being constructed from a framework of 63mm square hollow steel sections, lattice beams and profiled metal sheeting. The garden is 2.5m below street level, so one enters at first floor level, via a bridge. This upper floor contains a studio, sitting area and the master bedroom. The lower floor holds three children’s bedrooms, kitchen and dining area. A toilet core features on both levels, which are connected by a spiral staircase. Measuring 12 x 10m, the structural grid of 2 x 4m was deliberately kept small, to keep down the sizes of the structural members (and their cost) and provides a useful internal space planning grid. Front and rear elevations are fully glazed.

openhouse-magazine-a-glass-box-in-hampstead-architecture-hopkins-house-by-michael-hopkins-london 11 openhouse-magazine-a-glass-box-in-hampstead-architecture-hopkins-house-by-michael-hopkins-london 3 openhouse-magazine-a-glass-box-in-hampstead-architecture-hopkins-house-by-michael-hopkins-london 4 openhouse-magazine-a-glass-box-in-hampstead-architecture-hopkins-house-by-michael-hopkins-london 5 openhouse-magazine-a-glass-box-in-hampstead-architecture-hopkins-house-by-michael-hopkins-london 7 openhouse-magazine-a-glass-box-in-hampstead-architecture-hopkins-house-by-michael-hopkins-london 8 openhouse-magazine-a-glass-box-in-hampstead-architecture-hopkins-house-by-michael-hopkins-london 10openhouse-magazine-a-glass-box-in-hampstead-architecture-hopkins-house-by-michael-hopkins-london 12

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