log cabin : architecture : Four Seasons House by Churtichaga + Quadra-Salcedo : spain

openhouse-magazine-log-cabin-architecture-four-seasons-house-by-churtichaga-quadra-salcedo-spain-photo-Fernando-Guerra-airbnb 1 Four Seasons House by Churtichaga + Quadra-Salcedo : photos by Fernando Guerra

house available for rental on Airbnb

i love finding beautiful, well-designed houses to post here, and always there is a wish “i would love to live there” especially for me when they are situated in rural areas. so when i saw a picture of this house and started searching for it, up came its page on Airbnb. so now there is a chance to at least stay in one of the creations we see in the magazines. this “log” cabin in the wild countryside near Sergovia, Spain was designed by Josemaria de Churtichaga and Cayetana de la Quadra-Salcedo with splashes of yellow, as a simple country retreat for themselves and their family.

openhouse-magazine-log-cabin-architecture-four-seasons-house-by-churtichaga-quadra-salcedo-spain-photo-Fernando-Guerra-airbnb 2 openhouse-magazine-log-cabin-architecture-four-seasons-house-by-churtichaga-quadra-salcedo-spain-photo-Fernando-Guerra-airbnb 3 further text by Churtichaga + Quadra-Salcedo via dezeen

This is a humanised landscape of meadows, walls, ash, streams, a small-scale landscape, minimal, almost domestic, and where absolutely everything happens in yellow. In spring poke all yellow flowers. In the summer, yellow cereal is yellow harvested in a yellow Castilian heat. Fall only comes here in yellow, millions of tiny ash leaves that die in a lingering and dry yellow. In winter, yellow insists in glowing flashes of yellow lichen on the gray trunks of ash trees. And here every machine is yellow, the signs are yellow, everywhere yellows… We bought a meadow in this landscape 15 years ago, and after 12 years of yellow contemplation, we decided to build a tiny house there, a refuge, a piece of landscape as a frame, a small inhabited threshold with two views, east and west. To the west, a nearby view of rocks, moss, brambles and ancient ash. And to the east, the distant dawn over the yellow mountains. This double view and the thinking body finished to draw the house. Everything is small, everything is short, everything has a tiny scale. From outside, the view slides over the house. The eye only stops at a yellow gate guarding the doorway, and a yellow chimney that warms it, the rest is invisible. And when sitting, stopping in the doorway, the house disappears and the world continues in yellow.

openhouse-magazine-log-cabin-architecture-four-seasons-house-by-churtichaga-quadra-salcedo-spain-photo-Fernando-Guerra-airbnb 4 openhouse-magazine-log-cabin-architecture-four-seasons-house-by-churtichaga-quadra-salcedo-spain-photo-Fernando-Guerra-airbnb 5 openhouse-magazine-log-cabin-architecture-four-seasons-house-by-churtichaga-quadra-salcedo-spain-photo-Fernando-Guerra-airbnb 6 openhouse-magazine-log-cabin-architecture-four-seasons-house-by-churtichaga-quadra-salcedo-spain-photo-Fernando-Guerra-airbnb 7 openhouse-magazine-log-cabin-architecture-four-seasons-house-by-churtichaga-quadra-salcedo-spain-photo-Fernando-Guerra-airbnb 8 openhouse-magazine-log-cabin-architecture-four-seasons-house-by-churtichaga-quadra-salcedo-spain-photo-Fernando-Guerra-airbnb 9 openhouse-magazine-log-cabin-architecture-four-seasons-house-by-churtichaga-quadra-salcedo-spain-photo-Fernando-Guerra-airbnb 10 openhouse-magazine-log-cabin-architecture-four-seasons-house-by-churtichaga-quadra-salcedo-spain-photo-Fernando-Guerra-airbnb 11 openhouse-magazine-log-cabin-architecture-four-seasons-house-by-churtichaga-quadra-salcedo-spain-photo-Fernando-Guerra-airbnb 12 openhouse-magazine-log-cabin-architecture-four-seasons-house-by-churtichaga-quadra-salcedo-spain-photo-Fernando-Guerra-airbnb 13

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  1. That house is incredible! The rawness of the timber ties in nature so well. The open living in the centre is pure genius, too.

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