I think this must be one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time


openhouse-magazine-daddy-would-be-proud-art-project-matylda-krzykowski-matandme 1 Daddy Would be Proud by Matylda Krzykowski via somewhere i would like to live

These raw wooden objects are Matylda Krzykowski‘s way to come back to her Polish roots. This talented curator, designer and project initiator is also a founder and curator of amazing matandme. Take a look at the rough sculptures from the project Daddy Would Be Proud.
“Extraordinary wood carvings can be found when you visit native Polish markets. Some of the most interesting are carved in the Beskids, a series of mountain ranges in South Poland. The wood carvers from there take their wares to the market, where they present their objects. My Father is from this region. My Mother has always said that he is a true ‘Goral’, a boy from the mountains. Influenced by these crafts from the country of my origin, I interpreted my own woodworking skill into a series of small objects using pear tree wood.”

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openhouse-magazine-perspectives-art-architecture-john-pawson-swarovski-at-the-basilica-di-san-giorgio-maggiore-venice-biennale-Gilbert-McCarragher 1perspectives by john pawson : venice biennale 2013

text by Maria Cristina Didero : photography by Gilbert McCarragher all vial domus

On the occasion of the 55th International Art Exhibition — Venice Biennale, Swarovski presents the newly-established Swarovski Foundation with a project by British minimalist architect John Pawson. Titled Perspectives, the project is installed in the heart of the Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore. The new Swarovski foundation has established a series of missions: the improvement of human rights; social engagement; support of women initiatives as the access to sanitary system and education to favour the progress of young people and community; the preservation of natural resources on earth; the constant support to creativity and culture at large; and the promotion of innovative projects as well as a deep liaison with research in design, for example in its support of the Design Museum London.

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openhouse-magazine-interview-at-home-with-a-collector-kazuto-kobayashi-japan 1kazuto kobayashi : outbound & roundabout : interview from idée lifecycling by tadatomo oshima translated by yumi sato  photography by masahiro sambe via somewhere i would like to live 

We visited Mr. Kazuto Kobayashi at his home in a quiet residential area, a little away from the city of Kichijoji. The house, as seen through the trees in the approaches, looked like a mountain hut built with logs. But having mortar wall partially, it also has modern appearance. Vintage chairs and wooden boxes, tools placed randomly in the garden bring the atmosphere to the perfection as a whole. Mr. Kobayashi is the owner of the shops “Roundabout” and “Outbound” both are quite different in style. Each of them has a wonderful collection of daily items carefully selected to meet his taste. Recently, he published a book in which he committed from writing to styling and now he also started career as writer.

At IDÉE, he contributed to our new catalogue published in March as stylist and promoted the new images of IDÉE.

Despite being so busy he gave us a warm welcome as always. While hearing the lovely conversation of his wife Noriko and their kids, Kotoko and Kai, we interviewed him all about his work and his family.

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openhouse-magazine-gallery-living-art-architecture-history-boros-collection-bunker-berlin-owners-apartment 1text and images via stylepark photography ailine liefeld

A concrete air-raid bunker, built in 1942 on the corner of a city block in the Berlin Mitte district is the home of art collector Christian Boros and his wife Karen. Five repetitive storeys contain 80 rooms whose neutrality forms a suitable showcase for the client’s contemporary art collection

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openhouse-magazine-past-and-present-art-architecture-bryony-roberts-installation-inverting-richard-neutra-residence-los-angeles 1

Inverting Neutra by Bryony Roberts  via Domus

Taking history as her point of departure, Bryony Roberts’ installation Inverting Neutra reconsiders the relationship between the iconic modern house, the architect who created it and the surrounding environment of Southern California – both past and present.  It also engages with Roberts’ background as an artist and architect, respectively, as well as her ongoing research and interest in spatial organization and historic preservation.Inverting Neutra is testament to how we might begin to engage with modern architecture as part of the contemporary condition. Situated in Richard Neutra’s personal studio and residence in Los Angeles, the installation, as its title suggests, is both derived from and resistant to the famed Austrian architect’s mid-century house and design. For Roberts, a practicing artist/architect, “the house was an interesting preservation challenge since it focused on the spatial organization rather than the facade as a dominant motif.”                                                            . Read More

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