openhouse-magazine-400-year-together-design-spain-japan-loewe-junya-watanabe-comme-des-garsons-collaboration-Jo-Nagasaka-Schemata-architects 1Loewe and Junya Watanabe Comme des Garsons Collaboration by Schemata Architects

Celebrating the 400th anniversary of Japan-Spain Interexchange, Junya Watanabe designed a special collection in collaboration with Loewe. We designed the exhibition space for the show at Spanish Embassy in Japan. Temporary walls are inserted, forming various angles in the gallery space of the Embassy. And photographic images of the Royal Palace of Spain are collaged onto them. We attempt to distort conventional perception of space by intentionally disaligning internal and external corners of the interior spaces in the photographs and the actual walls, and also by using wrong scales deliberately.

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openhouse-magazine-instant-home-art-design-bless-n29-wallscapes Bless N°29 Wallscapes are a series of wallpapers 4m x 3m to cover one wall of your home. to give life to that barren wall or hallway. or how about to cover your kitchen like Bless did (below) for their last show. Bless web shop . Inspired by and developed for the exhibition BLESS fits every style at the Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam. The BLESS Wallscapes are documents of interiors where BLESS products live or used to live.


photos : mari luz vidal  text : andrew trotter

my connection to bless goes way back, from first seeing the fur wigs they made for martin margiela and seeing their clothes in the b store in london. when i moved to bilbao we were selling bless in persuade, and then i sold bless home wear in my shop openhouse in barcelona. but it wasn’t until we started the openhouse project that my connection to bless became a lot more personal.

as we started to write about homes that were opened to the public for the openhouse project magazine, the bless shop home berlin was one of my first interviews. from then i struck up an e-mail friend ship with mira, the resident at the bless home. just after her interview she asked if i knew somewhere nice to stay in barcelona for a summer holiday, so the only nice place i really knew was our home.

she came with her friend, annika, and straight away we hit it off. after her holiday she told me i should come and stay a while in the bless home, and i suggested we make a sushi party there. unfortunately, nobu couldnt come, so we had to think of something else. so off we went, mari luz and i, and a fine leg a jamon for a week in berlin and a pica pica party, spanish style.

we realised we had brought the spanish sun with us for a very unusual 20 degress in the middle of october. we had bright sun, and the colours of the berlin autumn were amazing.

we were suprised to find out that most of the 30 people coming to the party were not all known to the bless crew. we spent the day cleaning, buying wine, making tortilla and preparing to cook the fideua. the evening came, and then started to arrive a wonderful mix of people to the home. there were 5 from the bless crew, some neighboughs from the building, two other fashion designers, there was a famous writer, who has a page called cee cee about cool things to do in berlin, and even two tourists from holland who had seen it advertised on that blog. after the initial half an hour of people being nervous and not knowing how to place themselves within the home, everyone started to eat and drink and in the end a great time was had by all. pablo a photographer friend of mari luz came and played guitar and we projected the bless shows onto a facing blank wall so we could watch from the windows and balcony.

thank you mira and everyone at bless for being wonderful hosts and see you for a sushi party very soon

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first a little apology that for the past month or so i haven’t been posting very much. with the closing of the shop, holidays and plans for the future and new work, i haven’t had much time. but now i’m back. while i was on a little research trip in paris, just off the rue grenelle a stumbled across a little white cloud of a boutique. with a thousand layers of fine white fabric that had been cut away to leave the window and shop space, ken okada has made a little piece of heaven. focusing on shirts ken is a japanese born designer who studied at the same school as yohji yamamoto                      .

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it is claimed that in the UK they throw away 10,000 articles of clothing every 5 minutes. so marks & spencer has launched the shwopping project, swapping while shopping, in an aid to recycle clothing. m&s have placed boxes in many of their stores so that customers can give in their old clothes which go off to help oxfam. to start off the campaign they covered a large building just of brick lane in london’s east end. via : nicholas noah Read More

this is f system designed in 2007 by the hedi slimane, the former head of dior homme . it was designed for an exhibition at the comme des garçon london store, dover street market. the seven pieces were hand made in stainless steel and and ebony and came in limited editions of 10

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this is the wonderful fashion store in redchurch street, in london’s east end, hostem. it was designed by the great interior design and furniture couple james plumb. here you can find labels such as adiciannoveventitre, ann demeulemeester, joe casely-hayford, julius, ma+, rick owens and many more. if you are in london, you must pay them a visit.

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i am so proud to present at openhouse, karlotalaspalas. the young fashion designer from pamplona who resides in barcelona sells in paris and new york and now at openhouse in barcelona. we had a great opening on the 25th of april where karlota, iñigo and i warped everything in openhouse in white fabric. with many thanks to salva lópez for the amazing photos of the evening

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