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openhouse magazine The second issue of OPENHOUSE magazine is out. If you haven’t seen it yet go to the web to find your nearest stockist or buy on-line. In this issue we talk to chef Jerome Waag in San Francisco, and we visit tara Steven’s cooking school in Fez, Labofem a plant shop in a home in Istanbul and Philip Johnson’s Glass House.

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A concrete air-raid bunker, built in 1942 on the corner of a city block in the Berlin Mitte district is the home of art collector Christian Boros and his wife Karen. Five repetitive storeys contain 80 rooms whose neutrality forms a suitable showcase for the client’s contemporary art collection

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so after the photo shoot for the anti-c and the andrea fagioli collections that we made at la ricarda earlier last year, we were only missing photos for the quarantine collection. albert had told us that he had found a beautiful house just north of barcelona, so one sunny autumn day we took a trip up there to see it. the house was amazing from the 60’s but the more beautiful parts where the sports areas, the pool, the gymnasium, the tennis court and the fronton court. their semi abandoned state mixed with an amazing light we have here in autumn made for this wonderful photo shoot by mari luz vidal. albert had the notion to have people in there.. so we scanned the net looking for people from the 50’s and 60’s that would fit the photos.

click here for the lobster’s day website where you can down load the new catalogue.               .

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our last stop before heading back to barcelona was the espai cafe in the center of olot. this is a wonderful space miquel has made. at first you wonder if a space hard and brutal can work in olot, yet it is here, and with the work of rcr, that it seems that the people are open to new ideas. also this space works wonderfully with the light, and the rows of seating with the back just high enough to create the feeling of privacy for each table, yet still being open. thank you miquel for a wonderful day.  Read More

openhouse magazine shop gallery architecture design miquel subiras photo andrew trotter espai msb 0

our 4th stop was an exhibition space that miquel has in olot. here he had examples of his furniture. miquel works with amazing local craftsmen who use very high technology along with years of experience to produce hand made furniture. even though the furniture is always in iron, with different treatments, there is a warm feel to the pieces, a naturalness that opposite to their minimal forms. Read More

openhouse magazine shop gallery architecture design miquel subiras photo andrew trotter cafe restaurant les escoles beguda  1

the third space we visited was actually to stop for lunch. cafe/restaurant les escoles, was before a school building for the area of beguda. miquel has treated the space simply, and the movable furniture works perfectly here to create a space that can be easily transformed depending on the function of the day. the contrast to the minimal interior and the simple yet spectacular countryside outside was beautiful. this is a restaurant for the industrial zone. and only open during working hours. if you are visiting the area during the week, stop and eat. the food was great                                        Read More

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our second stop was miquel’s own home. he told us about many restrictions given to home builders in the area, of size etc. from the street we could see a raise metal box, as we walked down the space under opened up into his studio. from the staircase we ascended into the main part of the house, yet remaining outside. a simple box, had been cut twice to separate the two bedrooms on either side, leaving the space feeling either completely open and free or easily closed. from what is a small home, the feeling of space was amazing. the other beautiful detail was the mesh veranda top that could close to encapsulate the whole building, yet still let in the air and light.                                                    . Read More

openhouse magazine shop gallery architecture design miquel subiras photo andrew trotter domus sent sovi centro gastranomica hostalric 13

on friday i joined 2 friends of mine, paula and xavi, to spend the day with architect miquel subiràs, and visit some of his work around the hostalric and olot area of catalunya. our first stop was his lastest work the renovation of a building in the center of hostalric. with a magnificent view, this building has been turned into a center for gastronomy for catalunya, domus sent soví. on the ground floor the space is divided between a showcase for the best catalan produce, from cheese to wine to oils. with a center of learning, and an area for workshops and courses. on the lower floor there is and area for classes while the top floor is a wonderful bar and restaurant. the center is not yet fully functional, but can still be visited. with little intervention of the existing structure, forms and shapes have been added to the interior to create dark spaces and a sleek design in which to learn and sample the food. one new piece of his furniture was also the tables on wheels, that held the two chairs inside.

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with her undone blonde locks, oversized white T-shirt, and her loyal dog companion simba, designer tracy wilkinson could pass as the epitome of a californian girl. but born in the rural surroundings of yorkshire in northern england, life didn‘t always look so sunny: “when you grow up in a quiet place and you are shy and introverted, you develop a fairly elaborate fantasy life,“ says tracy about her childhood and the origin of her creativity.


growing up, her interest in fashion and the act of creating something quickly began to spark. she attended every rummage sale and visited every oxfam store she could find, in order to create her very own form of expression through clothing. with a lot of free time on her hands, she started not only to sew clothes for her dolls, but eventually came up with patterns and cuts for her very own outfits. being more and more certain of having found her creative outlet, she studied fashion design at the royal college of art and worked in london’s fashion field before a fateful letter from a friend who migrated to the US, should change her destiny for good.


as life in the US seemed way more exciting than in her native england, without looking back she packed her belongings and moved overseas. almost 20 years later, she now lives in a beautiful house in mount washington, overlooking the L.A. hills and spends her days exploring different types of handcrafts, ranging from pottery to blacksmithing and weaving. when you look at the materials tracy chooses to work with – clay, natural cane, wood and cotton, you see that her artisanal artworks not only breath the free spirit of the 70s, but always remind us of the imperfection and the beauty of life. photos : brian ferry  for the rest of the interview : freundevonfreunden via : somewhere i would like to live                                                                                                                                                                   .
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