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as soon as i saw this place, i knew i had to post it. I want to live in a place like this!

text and photos via dezeen photography marcello mariana.

“Green Box” | act_romegialli

The “green box” project rises as the renovation of a small disused garage, accessory to a weekend house situated on the slopes of the Raethian Alps. A structure realised with lightweight metal galvanised profiles and steel wires wraps the existent volume and transforms it into a tridimensional support for the climbing vegetation. It is composed mainly by deciduous vegetation: Lonicera periclymenum and Polygonum baldshuanicum for the main texture on which climb up the secondary texture of Humulus lupulus and Clematis tangutica. On the basement there are groups of herbaceous perennials (Centranthus ruber, Gaura Lindheimeri, Geranium sanguineum, Rudbekia triloba) alternate with annual ones (Cosmos bipinnatus, Tagetes tenuifolia, Tropaeolum majus, Zinnia tenuifolia) and bulbous to ensure a light but continuous flowering. Inside the pavilion is organised a room for the gardening tools, great passion of the owner, an area for cooking and a space for conviviality. Materials are left rough and simple; galvanised steel for the kitchen, larch planks for flooring and big sliding doors, windows in unpainted galvanised steel, simple pipes for the water supply. A small green shelter in the vegetation, privileged observation point of the changing of the seasons of the surrounding park. Park that is left wild in some areas and in other transformed into garden of flowers or simple green space, punctuated only by beautiful nude rocks scattered in the property.                                          . Read More

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Monstera deliciosa is a species of flowering plant native to tropical rainforests of southern Mexico, south to Colombia. It has been introduced to many tropical areas, and has become a mildly invasive species in Hawaii. Monstera Deliciosa is a beautiful climber that loves humidity and bright light.
When young, the leaves are solid- if left to climb, the leaf form will morph to a massive size with curved serrated edges and “swiss cheese” holes throughout. This plant also makes a tasty edible fruit, thus the name “Deliciosa”.  Fruit appears on mature climbers. Not fussy about cold, just give it something to climb and plenty of water, fertilizer and light. Also makes an excellent indoor houseplant near a sunny window. via : somewhere i would like to live                                                                    . Read More

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high above one of the world’s busiest and most congested city streets, urban apiarist michael leung runs his crusade for conscious local food, documented in virgile simon bertrand’s inspiring photographs. leung founded hk honey and hk farm as a way of using his background as a product designer to introduce the largely unknown concept of sustainable food to hong kong. Initially starting with just a few hives on the roof of his design studio in ngau tau kok, leung developed both a brand and a responsible community around his lifestyle ideology. “by putting bees in an industrial area we are showing a bit of optimism and that it’s not too late to do something about environmental change,” he explains. “our aim is to get people to know where their food comes from and to source and buy ethically, locally and seasonally.” with hives situated on a number of cafés and design stores throughout the city—including bespoke commissions for louis vuitton and lane crawfordhk honey also creates harvestable roof gardens and promotes the development of inner city green space.
via : somewhere i would like to live                                                                                                                  .

the other day the girls from coloni sent me a copy of the plant journal. inside i saw a marvelous place, and then i found out that it was located in barcelona. so this morning, 2 days later i paid hivernacle a visit. located just behind sants station, the old warehouse has been turned into a wonderful garden center, its roof tile gone, one part left open the other covered in plastic….. beautiful… i was late to work. make sure you take a trip over there if you are in need of a plant or two . hivernacle : calle  melcior de palau 32-36 08028 barcelona photos : andrew trotter

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