openhouse magazine The second issue of OPENHOUSE magazine is out. If you haven’t seen it yet go to the web to find your nearest stockist or buy on-line. In this issue we talk to chef Jerome Waag in San Francisco, and we visit tara Steven’s cooking school in Fez, Labofem a plant shop in a home in Istanbul and Philip Johnson’s Glass House.

So this is it !!! We have been working hard this last year, and now the magazine is ready to print.

We had so many people write to us with stories about similar places to our Openhouse Project in their towns, so we decided to set about writing it all down. To get us started, and help finance the project, we have gone with kickstarter, please take a look there, where you can see our video, and if you like you can pledge as little as 1€, and there are many gifts on offer, that will help us on our way to getting the magazine printed.

Thank you for all your support in the past, and we hope you will continue with us on our future journey !! Andrew + Mari Luz


 its strange how something can be so well known but you don’t come across it for a long time. it wasn’t until i was working in persuade in bilbao, that i got to know purple. but it wasn’t purple fashion that interested me so much. the purple journals and les cashiers purple is what caught my eye. more like diaries directed by elein fleiss, these give wonderful snippets of the world and beautifully presented. they have the best photography from people like mark borthwick and anne frémy, and its no wonder that they are always sold out.

last week i had one of the biggest compliments paid to me. a lady walked into my shop and said ” hi, i’m mirjam bleeker, im a photographer, and i’ve been following your blog” she came with her friends, we chatted a lot, and i showed them the openhouse gallery at home while taking a coffee. she gave me a book that she had made with frank visser and santje kramer, “dutch architects and their homes”, and said that maybe we can collaborate in the future. here are a few photos from the book which can be ordered here                                                                                                                           .

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The first exhibition for the Openhouse Gallery is dedicated to photo project of Mari Luz Vidal  “Mariona y yo“, a sensitive and intimate work where the photographer shares an emotional journey to her childhood with which she managed to resume contact that was lost with Mariona, her friend and accomplice through adolescence, with which she lived a childhood which was wild, creative, exciting and full of life

The scenario of the photographs is the City of Air, a military urbanization in Murcia, where took place the adventures of these two young girls. Mari Luz leads us through this journey with a series of texts like a child’s journal describing the emotions of the girl that was, in contrast to the images of the City of Air as it is today, in the eye of an adult, 16 years later, till they reach the room of Mariona.

The images distil memories and stories that for Mari Luz Vidal are contained in every corner of this urban development in which her infancy took place, inviting the spectator to do a similar exercise of imagination and investigation of their own childhood.

The exhibition is composed of 20 original copies on Hahnemuhler paper and has a space dedicated to the development of the project, with an audio recording where you listen to the texts and a notebook containing the creation processes.

The project “Mariona y yo” has been published in the latest edition of the Ojo de Pez, the documentary photography magazine, and exposed and projected at the Festival de Fotografía Emergente de Granada.                                                                                                                                  . Read More

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