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openhouse-magazine-on-the-sea-edge-architecture-casa-baladrar-by-langarita-navarro-alicante-spain 1Casa Baladrar by langarita-navarro arquitectos  via somewhere i would like to live

The scattered and trans-European city that the mountainous coast of Alicante has become, houses a heterogeneous population that is drawn to the sun, the sea, the temperate climate, the convenient public services and the leafy greenery. The promise of relaxing and hedonistic experiences captivates both seasonal tourists and long-term residents who see their expectations fulfilled amongst jasmine and bougainvilleas. The project draws from this context and is designed to meet the demands of multiple families in the summertime and as a haven for retirees the rest of the year.
 The house rests on terraces that were once used for farming, which resolve the steep gradient of the terrain. The plot’s sloping nature means that there are some spectacular views of the sea from its upper reaches, while the lower portion looks over a wooded streambed that carries water into a pebble-strewn cove. The house takes advantage of the views and the breeze and makes the most of the uneven terrain and vegetation for the creation of small areas where activities can take place simultaneously, day and night. The existing trees were preserved and new species added in an effort to conquer the promising exuberance of local flora. The interior spaces are arranged in a cascade, with common areas on the upper floor adjoining the terraces with their views, and bedrooms on the lower floor with access to the garden and swimming pool. The detail proposed for the openings eliminates all presence of glass when they are drawn back, transforming the house into an enormous porch that provides continuity between outside and inside activities. The building uses the thermal inertia of the concrete and stone to its advantage, combining it with the lightness of the avocado green latticework and the glass tiles to create a cool and well-ventilated atmosphere. The house’s geometry and mineral quality reflect the impressive Peñón de Ifach and respond to a desire for time travel, with a minimum amount of maintenance.

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openhouse-magazine-barcelona-shop-gallery-waiting-for-summer-cliff-house-architecture-fran-silvestre-navarro-calpe-alicante 1.2 fran silvestre architects finished a ‘house on the cliff’, an abrupt plot of land overlooking the sea, where what is best is to do nothing. It invites to stay. due to the steepness of the plot and the desire to contain the house in just one level, a three-dimensional structure of reinforced concrete slabs and screens adapting to the plot’s topography was chosen, thus minimizing the earthwork. this monolithic, stone-anchored structure generates a horizontal platform from the accessing level, where the house itself is located. the swimming-pool is placed on a lower level, on an already flat area of the site. the concrete structure is insulated from the outside and then covered by a flexible and smooth white lime stucco. the rest of materials, walls, pavements, the gravel on the roof etc. all maintain the same colour, respecting the traditional architecture of the area, emphasizing it and simultaneously underlining the unity of the house. via : somewhere i would like to live                                        . Read More

after the success of nou havava, mari luz vidal and i were asked back to make the art direction for their second club in alicante, club concerto. xavi franquesa again was the interior designer and our brief was ‘the sea’. this time mari luz had made a underwater photographic exercise using her sister swimming. the photos were then darkened and fitted to the ceiling as if someone was swimming above you in the dark blue water. the effect was perfect, especially from the lower level of the club, the dancefloor where you ca see up through the glass. there was also a low beam, and unusable space between the bar and the sitting area. here we raise the bottom, places a mirror and above placed a light box with photos of modern gold jewelry, like a treasure chest under the sea                                              .

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xavi franquesa asked me to collaborate with him on a club he was designing in alicante, nou havana, so with mari luz vidal we took on the art direction. the club was basically there as xavi was near to the end of the project, we just needed to give it atmosphere. what was asked for was broken, destroyed walls. so we came up with the idea of using photos to cover the walls. most of the photos were ones i had taken on my travels, doors, graffiti, walls, but i was in love with the graffiti of alexandre farto, that i had seen in london. i contacted him and he let us use a photo of one of his works. photos : mari luz vidal                                                                                                                                                                       . Read More

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