the barcelona shop is now closed. watch this space for the next venture

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Openhouse was started by Andrew Trotter in June 2011, Barcelona. the Openhouse concept to feel like you are at home and surrounding yourself with things that you like. Good design, goodcraftmanship, good art, good food, and plants. to taste, touch and experience. the shop is to be different from the rest, a shop of design but with a natural unique feel, not over designed. bringing un-known names along with more familiar ones, to show case hidden talents and true modern day craftsmen and artists. the blog is to showcase the shop and the things that make us feel good.

copyright : andrew trotter

mari luz vidal

mari luz vidal

mari luz vidal

mari luz vidal

mari luz vidal

mari luz vidal

mari luz vidal

all photos : mari luz vidal  

  1. You’re work never ceases to amaze me. Are you part of a team, because it seems you travel a lot and take a lot of pictures? ( which 90% of are breathtaking by the way). I’m not one of those people who knows a lot about art or is really into it but when I see you’re work – well, it inspires me. Keep up the a w e s o m e work! My fave wordpress blog so far! xx

    • thank you so much!!! im so happy that you and others like it!!! this year i haven’t travelled so much…im quite stuck with the shop… but when i do i love taking photos.. and i have a stock pile from past trips.. but lately it was all in the week i spent in italy…. art and design is different for everyone… just to know what you like and what you don’t is all that matters….xxAndrew

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